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The perfect mic for YOUR guitar tone

If you surf audio forums, you’ll find a million different opinions on which mics to use to achieve killer guitar tones. So what is it? Should you use a 57? Maybe a 421, or a Royer? And if so, what’s the best way to place your mic?

The answer is: It all depends on the sound your after!

I’ll show you a simple step-by-step process to shoot out the mics you already own and find the perfect fit, which compliments your unique tone and playstyle.

Capture The Biggest Guitar Sounds Humanly Possible

When it comes to recording heavy guitar, microphone placement matters: A LOT! Even moving the mic a few millimeters can change your sound drastically!

Learn how various mic positions impact your tone, understand when to record on- and off-axis, use the Fredman technique, and discover how to multi-mic your cab to create a massive mix.


Recording Discipline: 6 Secrets To Pro Guitar Recordings

Playing live and recording are two completely different beasts.

In this module, I’ll teach you six ways to tweak your guitar, to achieve pro-level recordings – without having to spend a dime

All About Amps & Cabs

Dialing in a great amp tone is an art in itself. In this module, you’ll discover the difference between 4 popular amps and understand how to dial in your gain and EQ section for maximum impact, while maintaining clarity and definition.

But we don’t stop there: I’ll also show you how to blend multiple amps and cabinets, to create a unique tone and build a massive wall of sound!


Crushing Leadtones That Blend Perfectly With Your Rhythms

Creating a lead sound which stands out from the rhythms, while still blending well with the mix can present a challenge. There are multiple ways to achieve this, from switching amps, pickups, mics, adding effects and lot more.

Learn how to use ALL of these techniques, so you can come up with your own unique lead tone that has people begging for more.

Master Effect Pedals

If you’re a guitar nerd like me, you’ve probably spent days and weeks refining your sound with effect pedals. But the question is: Where in your chain does each pedal sound best? Should you put it before the amp, or in the effects loop?

We’ll go over 5 popular effects (chorus, delay, overdrive etc.) and show you exacly where to place them to optimize your tone.


Take Your Tracks Into Pro Territory: Mixing & Editing

By using the recording techniques we’ve covered in the earlier modules, you will already have amazing tracks to work with. However, there are a couple of neat tricks you can apply during mixing, which will take your sound even one step further.

Learn how to edit, blend multiple takes and use EQ & Compression and take your tracks into professional territory.

Kiss Sub-par Guitar Recordings Goodbye

We’ve all been there: we’ve spent hours dialing in the perfect tone and recording a stellar performance. But when it comes to mixing, we notice we’re f*****

Maybe the mic dropped out, or the gain wasn’t set correctly – either way our recordings are completely unusable!

That’s where reamping can save your ass: Learn how to reamp any guitar track and dial in the perfect tone in post, so you end up with pro-grade guitar sounds no matter what happened during the session.

Stop With The Noise!

Do you have a cranky neighbour threatening to call the cops if you don’t ‘stop the noise’? Or simply a significant other who you don’t want to disturb during her beauty sleep?

Well…you don’t have to let that stop you from making amazing records!

In the ‘Silent Recording’ module, I’ll show you two ways to achieve killer guitar recordings without risking jail time. ?

Multitracks to Build Your Resume

We’ve included the multitracks so you can mix the song for yourself. We’ve also included a license for you to use your mix on your website or portfolio to help you grow your mixing business.

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Part 1 – Welcome to Total Heavy Guitar

Part 2 – Mic And Speaker Selection

Part 3 – Mic Position And Dialing An Amp

Part 4 – Dialing In A Lead Tone

Part 5 – Pedals And Overdrive

Part 6 – Multiple Mics

Part 7 – Gain Staging On The Board

Part 8 – Fredman Technique And Quad Tracking

Part 9 – Pick Strength

Part 10 – Preamp Shootout

Part 11 – Reamping And Blending Cabs

Part 12 – Amp Head Shootout

Part 13 – New Vs Old Strings

Part 14 – Improving Your Sound

Part 15 – Tracking, Editing, And Mixing

Part 16 – Hybrid Systems And Silent Recording

Part 17 – Bass Traps, Tuning Stability, Bridges, And Truss Rods

Part 18 – Get Out There and Make Some Metal

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