[GIVEAWAY] Win an Elite Mixing Bundle from Pro Mix Academy

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This giveaway has ended. Congrats to Luhr Løvdahl, Flip Sweeper, and Dominik Horák for winning our 2016 Elite Mixing Bundle!

Esa Mikkola, Eric Clemens, and Edgar Figueroa have each won a course of their choice.

Thanks to everyone for entering! We’ll have another giveaway #comingsoon


Our first giveaway is live! We’re excited to be giving away three copies of our Elite Mixing Bundle. We’ll also be giving three winners a choice between any of our existing courses.

The Elite Mixing Bundle is a $297 product that includes every new mixing course we release in 2016.

The current products available in the bundle are:

Anatomy of a Mix: Mixing Rock Volume 1

Anatomy of a Mix with Bob Horn

Anatomy of a Mix: Mixing Singer/Songwriter

*PLEASE NOTE: If you’re already an Elite Bundle owner and you win, you’ll be upgraded to our lifetime bundle.

Enter below to win and good luck!

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Anatomy of a Mix [Excerpts]

98 Comments on “[GIVEAWAY] Win an Elite Mixing Bundle from Pro Mix Academy”

  1. Bruce Baxter

    Thank you guys. Your regular videos are a great source of learning and encouragement. Keep them coming please.

  2. Matt Recio

    So cool when those looking to improve can find talented people willing to share their experience and knowledge. Rock on.

  3. Edward (T.K.) King

    Love all of these guys and have watched almost every video. Such great guys with a desire to see young talent make it in the music industry. I am definitely blessed to have this guys as mentors.

  4. Matt

    This is a great one! I´m fully in! Btw, great website, great mixing advices! Greating from Slovakia, middle EU.

  5. Grahame Staines

    Its great to get this support when I’m in Australia and none of this is available here. Thanks thanks thanks.

  6. Randy Waldo

    Would love to have this. Even though I got 30 years under my belt, I never get too old to learn. That’s what keeps me on my toes. Way to go. This will be an awesome addition to someones library.

    Keep up the great work!!!

  7. mark robin welner

    Could you do something on Frank Zappa ,like a mix and edit run through of “Were Only In It For The Money”. To me this is one of the best recordings ever.

  8. Bernd Holder

    Thank you guys very much!

    I’ve enjoyed the first course and am excited about coming stuff.

    You do an amazing job and your work is appreciated very much!

  9. Les Gragg

    I am a 55 year old singer, songwriter. New to recording with a strong will to learn. I have been disabled for about 3 years and would like to get my music recorded while I’m still able too. I watch all the Produce Like A Pro tutorials and find them very helpful. I would like to register for the mixing bundle giveaway. Thanks for all you do.

  10. Sal DiGuardia

    I very seriously need this in my life. If you heard my debut record you would agree.
    More by Sal DiGuardia

    As much as everyone’s free content has helped me to become more confident behind the console I still struggle greatly with frequencies, proper FX chains and other components.

    I have absolutely no doubt that the stellar lineup of these guys I consider my mentors can help me get to the next level as I am already embarking on working with three artists and they are counting on me to help them sound their absolute best.

    I hope you can help me help them but if not I know this amazing package will go to the right person.

    Blessings family!!

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