Scott Elliott

I’m Scott from Chernobyl Studios, and I’m just like you: a home studio musician and mixing engineer. From the beginning of my journey, all I ever wanted was to have a big, massive, metal guitar tone for my music.

In 2013, I started to study mixing and tone crafting more seriously so I could bring this desire to life. What I didn’t know was that I was venturing into a world of conflicting information and secrecy. Maybe it sounds a bit dramatic, but how many times have you seen a video on YouTube that claimed you could “sound like the pros in minutes,” just to find out they have thousands of dollars in gear and plugins and really didn’t explain anything anyway? These videos never helped me get a better idea of how to create my guitar tones.

I wasted money on plugins I didn’t need, followed advice that wasn’t helpful, and made every mistake you can think of multiple times over. 6 years of frustration later and I now know what it actually takes to great amazing guitar tones.

You don’t need thousands of dollars in amps, heads, guitars, cables, pedals, or anything like that—you can even use completely free plugins. All you need is a simple method that you can follow step-by-step and practice. Guitar Tone Mastery is that method.

It’s time to learn how to craft big sounding metal guitar tones with amp simulators!

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