Emiliano guides you on an intellectually charged end-to end journey through the song composition and production progress 

Start with a concept and a spark of inspiration

This course stands apart from any other you’ve encountered. Emiliano’s unique professional perspective blends the artistry of music with a scientific approach, yielding exceptional results. He guides you through the entire process of recording his song “Fractales,” from conception to mixing and final production, leaving nothing to the imagination. In this concise course, you’ll gain unique insights as Emiliano shares not only practical techniques but also the guiding philosophies that inspire his music. From a simple idea and minimalist setup, he crafts an atmospheric soundscape that captivates listeners and reveals the anatomy of a hit.

Emiliano, an award-winning LA-based international artist, mixer, and producer, communicates his creativity in an engaging and inspirational manner. This soulful, modern pop piece originated as a voice memo on Emiliano’s phone, sparking his curiosity to delve deeper. In this candid and informative course, you’ll witness how he intertwines art, music, science, and philosophy. Just like the fractal mathematics that inspired the tune, there are layers of depth stemming from a seemingly humble origin. Whether you’re an experienced producer, mixer, engineer, musician, or embarking on a new musical journey, this course is essential viewing!

You only get to punch first once

Beginning with an examination of the foundational elements of verses and choruses, Emiliano leads you through his creative process, starting with his acoustic guitar in hand. Through exploration of technique, chord structures, and melodic composition, he demonstrates how to create a diverse array of sounds with a single instrument. Regardless of your background, you’ll find his approach to music invigorating, uncovering new possibilities for your own artistry. Above all, Emiliano emphasizes the importance of artistic exploration and enjoying the creative process.

Emiliano advocates for a holistic approach to composition and production, highlighting the importance of allowing your mindset to absorb environmental and social influences to enhance musical creativity. This unique course promises to inspire you to expand your creative horizons, offering strategies to overcome creative blocks and discover new musical ideas across different genres. Whether you’ve hit a creative wall or seek fresh inspiration, Emiliano’s guidance will empower you to break limiting patterns and explore new musical territories.

Emiliano takes us through the complete composition and recording process of his track “Fractales” as he moves between studios and employs the skills of various collaborators. He then takes the output into Pro Tools and starts to build his track up layer by layer.

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Listen to the direction the music is telling you to go

This course is equal parts inspirational and instructional and like no other you have seen to date. Emiliano has an ear for creating textures, space, ambience, and most of all, a catchy hook and beautifully crafted melody. He teaches techniques here that will serve you for your whole career and he will also demonstrate the importance of throwing your listeners a curveball once in a while.

Emiliano CaballeroEmiliano Caballero

From a catchy riff to the finished production, Emiliano details the process in extreme detail. “Fractales” is a beautiful modern pop composition featuring piano, saxophone, guitar, and various synthesiser parts, all supporting a fragile and haunting vocal line. The ethereal pads and catchy yet simple melodies create dramatic music with dynamism and elegance.

Learn to craft atmospheric and cinematic sounding tracks using professional studio techniques in your DAW:

  • Discover how to manipulate space and movement within your compositions, leveraging instrument nuances and tones effectively.
  • Watch as Emiliano emphasizes the significance of allowing a song to breathe, approaching it with a fresh perspective, and allowing it the time to mature.
  • Create structured DAW projects with complex routing and processing that doesn’t get in the way of the music.

This course is accessible for all skill levels and applicable to anyone interested in creating exceptional music in any DAW.

Learn how to:

  • Use bus tracks and parallel compression to create a fuller, richer mix.
  • Layer multiple reverbs and delays to construct expansive soundscapes with cinematic depth.
  • Apply de-essing, compression, and limiting techniques to maintain the organic essence of your tracks

Remove your technical brain and just do it

This isn’t merely theoretical. Throughout the mixing journey, Emiliano shares his timeless wisdom, applicable across any DAW – not limited to Pro Tools, but also applicable to Reason, Logic, Cubase, Ableton, Reaper, Studio One, and more. He’ll guide you through managing intricate arrangements and vocal tracks, crafting exquisite compositions, and layering effects and plugins to construct a truly remarkable final product.

Emiliano will show you why it’s critical to take small adjustments incrementally throughout your projects and how to prepare for final mastering. He has an instinctual process and he shares this with you in this unmissable course from Pro Mix Academy.
Emiliano Caballero

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Emiliano Caballero

Get inspired and enjoy what you do!

This course provides an excellent insight into every aspect that makes up a hit record. Emiliano guides you through each step at a manageable pace, offering ample information without overwhelming you. In addition to time-saving techniques for bus mastering, Emiliano shares his process for bouncing a final track into formats suitable for various distribution channels.

But there's more - he also addresses additional elements crucial for promoting modern music with his DIY approach to album artwork and video production. Emiliano emphasizes the strategic importance of delivering more than just a track at release time and demonstrates how to be cost-efficient and well-organised while doing so.

Emiliano Caballero

Download the Multitrack

We dont want you to just watch this course - we want you to get involved too!

That's why we have included the Multitracks of "Fractales" from Zelmar as a bonus so you can play around with the track and employ some of Emiliano's techniques and create your own brilliant mix. 


Emiliano Caballero

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