Join The Ranks Of Professional Engineers 
With The Software That Created Countless Hit-Records

Have you ever wondered how your favourite records have been created?

Well… chances are that amazing Producers and Mixers – such as Chris-Lord-Alge, Dave Pensado, Serban Ghenea, Jack Douglas, or Rick Rubin – used ProTools to record, edit and mix them.

There is a good reason why ProTools has been the industry-standard for over a decade and is being used in major studios all around the world:
It’s an amazingly powerful workstation that allows you to handle any audio related task with ease!

Today, you can chance to join the ranks of professional engineers and learn how to use this amazing software to produce music yourself:

Part I: The Ultimate Protools Course with Jon Connolly (Berklee College of Music)

The mentor for this course is Jon Connolly, the most sought-after ProTools instructor in the Industry. Jon has been with Avid since they first started out in the 90s, has trained engineers at major studios such as Capitol, Warner Bros. and Universal and he is currently a Master instructor for AVID, who also teaches at Berklee College of Music.

Whether you are completely new to ProTools, or are already an experienced user, with this course Jon will turn you into a ProTools NINJA:

Learn how to perform the initial setup and optimize your system, discover how to record, edit and mix audio to a professional standard and understand the little-known features of ProTools that will significantly speed up your workflow.

After completing this course, you will be able to comfortably record, edit and mix songs at your homestudio, or run sessions as an assistant or recording engineer in professional studios.

– But wait, there’s more!

So don’t wait around – build your music career today:

ultimate guide to pro tools

ProTools Masterclass with Jon Connelly

Start Out On The Right Foot: System Setup and Optimization

There is nothing more frustrating than having a fantastic song idea, but being unable to lay it down due to system glitches.

Jon teaches you how to configure Protools properly from the get-go and shows you how to optimize your settings, to ensure your sessions run smoothly every time creativity hits.

1. Connect Your Interface: Create I/O Templates

2. Choose The Right Playback Engine

3. Reduce Latency – Improve Processing Power

4. Optimize Your Operating System

5. Calibrate Your Speakers

Discover Hidden Treasures In Protools

ProTools provides several amazing free plugins and Virtual Instruments that barely anyone knows about!

Make sure to get the most out of your license by downloading these additional tools and start crafting professional songs without paying an extra penny.

ultimate guide to pro tools_1 copy
ultimate guide to pro tools_2

Express Yourself Though Your Art: Recording

As musicians, producers or songwriters, our main goals is to express our feelings and share them with the world.

However, in order to capture an accurate representation of our performance, there are many factors that need to be considered.

Learn everything you need to know about Recording in ProTools: How to record one – or multiple tracks at once, set the perfect levels, create separate headphone mixes for each musician & more.

Stay In Your Creative Flow – By Mastering The Technical Side!

An inefficient workflow can hinder your creative process like nothing else.

Have you ever had a super-clear idea for a new part or sound in your head – and then spent HOURS trying to figure out how to achieve it?

It can take you out of your creative zone right away!

Jon teaches you a highly efficient workflow that will allow you to navigate any recording and mixing session with ease – so you can stay in the creative zone without having to worry about the technical.

ultimate guide to pro tools_3
ultimate guide to pro tools_4

Make Your Music Sound Polished and Professional: Mixing

Do you wish the drummer had hit the Snare move evenly in his performance?
Make a vocal sound more intimate by adding some silky highend?
Maybe Make the bass sound fatter, or give your song a 3-dimensional and specious feel?

With ProTools, that’s no problem at all!

Master foundational concepts like Compression, EQ, Reverb, FX all the way to hardware inserts and achieve the sound you’re hearing in your head with ease.

Enhance Performances While Maintaining Vibe: Editing

When recording, we are looking to capture a vibe that expresses what we feel in this perticular moment. That also means that not every take will be perfect – and that’s absolutely fine!

By using ProTool’s powerful editing capabilities, you’ll be able to easily fix the casual off-note and make your performances sound stellar and professional, while maintaining the feel of the song.

ultimate guide to pro tools_5

Fix Occasional ProTools Errors 

Ideally, we would love our DAWs to work seamlessly every hour of the day.

Unfortunately that’s not always the case. – Trust me, the occasional glitch even occurs in the best studios of the world!

As a professional ProTools Tech for major studios, such as Warner Bros., Universal Studios, Capitol, The Village and more, Jon has experienced it all.

And he shows you how to fix common issues quickly with ease!

Being able to deal with glitches in a timely manner allows the bands you’re working with to stay in the creative zone and will grant you serious respect from  producers.

This Masterclass Is For You If:

✔️ You are new to ProTools and are looking to dive into the professional realm of music production.

✔️ You are a musician who wants to record themselves, or their band, and achieve stellar recordings in your homestudio or rehearsal room.

✔️ You are a seasoned producer/engineer who usually works in different DAWs, but you want to master ProTools to be able to collaborate with other producers and engineers more easily.

✔️ You are familiar with Protools, but want to improve your speed, efficiency and creative workflow when running a session.

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I swear the most I’ve learned about mixing is from mastering engineers. This is the best video you’ve done in my opinion! Thanks Warren!

Nicolas M.

This is really inspiring to make music!!! The information is excellent!!!!

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