Mixing Ethereal Vocals, Haunting Melodies, and Atmospheric Grooves ‘In the Box’ with Grammy Nominated Producer & Engineer Joe Carrell 

Grab your Coffee and join Joe Carrell on a Mix Journey through a dark Pop masterpiece

When Joe asked the Produce Like a Pro team which of his songs they would like to see him break down there was one resounding answer – the hauntingly beautiful track “The Sisterhood” by Mackenzie Johnson. Joe reviews how he came to the initial production decisions he took with the mix with no question left unanswered and no technique unrevealed. This 2 hour mixing course will show you how to achieve massive sonic girth and atmosphere all inside Pro Tools – no outboard gear needed at all.

Joe Carrell is a Nashville based Producer and Recording engineer who has worked on 11 Grammy nominated albums and a string of number one records. Being a great fan of many musical genres, he considers himself very fortunate to be hired consistently across a wide range of music. “My  monthly schedules are so crazy diverse that I often find myself producing a pop artist while mixing everything from rock, country, jazz, gospel, bluegrass, etc. Then I’ll top of the month with several days of recording Nashville’s studio aces on rhythm dates with an orchestral recording day or two thrown in.  It’s pretty crazy but I love it that way!”

Joe Carrell Mackenzie Johnson Sisterhood Screencapture
Joe Carrell Mackenzie Johnson Sisterhood Screencapture

Give your Digital tracks real Analog Warmth

In this intensive course, Joe Carrell guides you through a complex and ethereal multilayered mix, demonstrating how to mix entirely in  your digital audio workstation (DAW) with stunning results. By keeping it “in the box” and utilising commonly used plugins, Joe demonstrates techniques that will help you breath fresh air into your tracks, layer beautiful vocals, and create spatial acoustic songscapes that will set your mixes apart. Each aspect is meticulously covered with candid detail – you will want to watch this more than once as Joe crams so much goodness into this course.

Joe takes you through some of the decisions he made when initially mixing this song, breaking apart each track piece-by-piece, and showing how to use common techniques and plugins to achieve huge amounts of lush spatiality. Mackenzie Johnson has recorded a fantastic vocal performance and Joe shows how he got the very best out of it using automation, layered harmonies, and a zen like understanding of the relationship between pitch and time.

Joe Carrell shares professional insights on approaching panning and stereo fields with a musician’s mindset and utilising multi-bus mastering techniques to streamline consistency in your mix. By the end of this course, you’ll have gained invaluable knowledge and skills to take your mixing abilities to fantastic new heights.

Mackenzie Johnson Sisterhood

Mackenzie Johnson has recorded a powerful synth driven track with an emotive vocal line and an evocative acoustic guitar sound. Joe shows you how he gave the vocals room to breath, how he created extra power and width when it was needed, and how sound effects can be used to provide subtle emphasis.

This is as close as you can get to working with one of the most respected professionals in the business. In this information packed 1-on-1 lesson you will learn techniques that will serve you well for your whole mixing career. This is an unbelievable opportunity to once again learn from the very best as Joe Carrell serves up another great course exclusively for Pro Mix Academy. 

If there is something missing, add it in there 

Joe shows how to take a basic percussion track and improve upon its depth and resonance in this otherworldly pop track using the creative freedom bestowed upon him by his artists. Mackenzie wanted to create a three dimensional sound, to conjure a deep atmosphere, and Joe shows how he was able to do this in a stereo mix with just a handful of well known plugins. It’s all about adding a little bit of mojo here and there to spice up the vibe. The results are stunning and Joe breaks them down in easy to understand chunks.

JoeCarrell Mackenzie Johnson Sisterhood Screencapture
Joe Carrell Mackenzie Johnson Sisterhood Screencapture
Joe Carrell Mackenzie Johnson Sisterhood Screencapture

Joe details every plugin he uses but most importantly he explains why he has chosen them. This course offers a lifetime of experience and knowledge condensed into a simple and easy to digest course exclusively from Pro Mix Academy. Joe Carrell is the master of finding the perfect balance to fit the mood of the song as this course demonstrates.

Learn how to make your tracks pop where they need to and explore the depth of your sonic environment:

  • Watch how Joe uses automation to create intensity and excitement throughout the track.
  • Learn how to mix multiple layers of vocals to create an otherworldly depth and three dimensional atmosphere.
  • Create complex percussion tracks that manage to contain an analog warmth despite being purely digital.

This is an easy to follow course for all skill levels and relevant to anybody interested in making great music in a DAW. 

Learn how to:

  • Use bus tracks and parallel compression to create a fuller, richer mix.
  • Use industry standard compression and limiting techniques to bring out the focal points of each element in your production.
  • Manage the dynamics of a deep soundstage in a complex mix.

Its all about the way it fits together

This isn’t just theory. As Joe takes you through the mixing journey he will impart his timeless knowledge and it’s applicable to any DAW – not just Pro Tools but also Reason, Logic, Cubase, Studio one – anything!

Joe Carrell mixes this track right before your eyes with a number of industry standard plugins. He shoes how to achieve a mesmeric spatial soundstage while still mixing between just two speakers in real time, how to manipulate critical interactions with a bassline, and how to add sustain to your drum samples without over processing them.

Joe Carrell Mackenzie Johnson Sisterhood Screencapture
JoeCarrell Mackenzie Johnson Sisterhood Screencapture

Alright so lets have a good time here...

Joe takes you through each step at a fair pace with a lot of information but without overloading you. His signature delivery style ensures that this is compelling viewing and entertaining along the way. Joe meticulously tweaks his tracks after showing how to get the best out of the review process and shows all of those magical finishing touches the professionals use.

Take all of your mixes to the next level today! Joe Carrell breaks down his original mix to show how he got the vibe of this song and how he would change it now with fresh ears. This is a great track to study for anyone interested in creating music no matter what the genre!

Download the Multitrack

We dont want you to just watch this course - we want you to get involved too!

That's why we have included the Multitracks from Mackenzie Johnson  as a bonus so you can play around with the track and employ some of Joe's techniques and create your own mix. 


Joe Carell

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