This Four Course bundle is the Ultimate Course for Mixing Urban Beats, Hip Hop, Modern Pop, and R&B from industry titan Matthew Weiss

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Embark on a transformative journey across four comprehensive courses, covering Urban Pop, Dance Pop, R&B, and Hip Hop, each meticulously tailored to unveil the secrets of mixing, re-mixing, and arranging. Explore the intricate layers of four very different songs, all conveniently bundled at an exclusive discounted rate. With a runtime exceeding 8 hours, Matthew presents a highly informative and enlightening tutorial of real-world techniques, exactly what you need to take your mixing skills to new heights.

With over a decade of experience, Matthew Weiss has mixed records for HipHop’s finest such as Dizzee Rascal, Juicy J, MURS, Armageddon (Terror Squad) and Royce Da 5’9″.

In this course, you’ll learn the mixing techniques and concepts you need to craft massive hits. Matthew explains every step of the mixing process in detail: How to work with samples, mix powerful kick drums and 808s, hard-hitting snares and in-your-face rap vocals.

The best part? No expensive outboard gear needed!

Matthew mixes 100% in the box, using plugins only, which means you can apply these techniques and achieve these results in YOUR STUDIO!

Matthew is not holding back or keeping any secrets – every technique is covered in sharp detail in this exclusive bundle from Pro Mix Academy!

Matt Weiss Studio
Matt Mixing

What is it that makes a hit record?

From a retrospective mix walkthrough of an Urban Pop record to a real-time mix of 80’s synth pop and beyond, each track presented in this course offers a unique set of challenges and a raft of skills and techniques that have taken decades to craft. 

Matthew navigates each track with precision, striking the perfect balance between pace and clarity. No technical jargon overload here. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, there’s something for everyone. Dive into meticulous vocal arrangement, EQ mastery, fat beats, and unique percussion. Learn how to turn flaws into strengths and own your sound like never before. This exclusive bundle, only from Pro Mix Academy, has you covered. Whatever DAW you use, Pro Tools, Reaper, Logic Pro, Ableton, Cubase, Studio One, GarageBand – you will find techniques in these courses that will serve your professional career for years to come.

In this bundle, you’ll find four electrifying tracks: “The Bad Side” by Hannah Mack, a mesmerising urban pop gem; “Bad4Me” by Joey Nelson, a nostalgic 80’s dance pop anthem; “No Thank You” by Hannah Mack and Marie Monti, an R&B banger; and “High Roller” by Reddick, a hard-hitting hip hop track.

Matthew approaches each track with a fresh perspective, emphasising the importance of groove and pocket. Learn to fine-tune vocal alignment, train your ear for precision corrections, and master the art of manipulating time within tracks with ease.

Get ready to take your mixing game to the next level with unparalleled precision and finesse.

Always trust what YOU are hearing no matter what, but also be ready to break the rules a little. Matthew doesn’t just reveal his mixing process; he dives into the philosophies that bust through creative walls. Learn to keep your sound gritty with depth and width using industry-standard plugins, while also mastering balance and clarity. Elevate any vocal track, male or female, and unleash your creativity with playful experimentation. Get ready to infuse your mixes with fresh ideas and unstoppable energy!

Matthew Mixing
Matt Mixing

Get the vibe right first time by learning how Matthew Weiss approaches the planning of each stage as he shows you in granular detail in this four course bundle. 

Learn to craft atmospheric pop, rap, and dance tracks using professional studio techniques in your DAW:

  • Discover how to manipulate space and movement within your compositions, leveraging instrument nuances and tones effectively.
  • Watch as Matthew emphasises the significance of experimentation without overstepping the role of a mixer.
  • Create complex DAW projects and handle multiple layers of automation effortlessly.

This course is accessible for all skill levels and applicable to anyone interested in creating raw, gritty urban music and classy fat beats in any DAW.

Learn how to:

  • Use bus tracks, EQ, and compression to create a fuller, richer mix.
  • Layer reverb and distortion to add grit and texture to your instruments and vocals.
  • Correct the timing of vocals to bring more power and rhythmic dynamism to tracks.

We are including the full session files for each track for you to work and you can also purchase each of the courses individually below:

The Bad Side – Hannah Mack

Running Time approx 1:30

This is a retrospective mix walkthrough of an Urban pop track with an acoustic influence. Matthew shows how he found the greatness at the heart of this record and shifted the energy in a truly transformative manner. 

Split over seven parts, this course takes you through all of Matthews processes as he shows the decisions he made in his original mix with this gorgeous piece of urban pop. He shows how he started with a vision, but took that to the decision stage and then produced a masterful result. Everything is covered in perfect detail – lead vocals, drums, bass, melodics, background vocals and sound fx and much more.

Bad4Me – Joey Nelson

Running Time approx 2:45

Get ready for a real-time journey into 1980s Dance Pop! Join Matthew as he breaks down vocals, synths, drums, and FX in this dynamic course.

Learn his non-linear mixing approach, how he approaches decoding the track’s message, and how to master the art of space and energy. Dive into gated reverb for 80s drums, widen your stereo image, and craft a mix that pops! Mixing is about understanding the relationships between your tracks and Matthew demonstrates how sometimes you may need to bend the rules to achieve perfection.

No Thank You – Hannah Mack & Marie Monti

Running Time approx 2:20

This is a realtime mix of a hard urban R&B Song with heavy Drill music influences

Join Matthew in this three-part course as he unlocks the secrets to impactful vocals and gritty, deep urban rhythms. Learn how to tweak rhythm without losing vibe, tackle sibilants and timing blunders, and craft a gritty yet futuristic R&B track. Discover Matthew’s insights on drawing from Jazz drumming for catchy vocal hooks, enhancing kick drum dimensionality, and crafting mind-blowing stereo effects. If the track doesn’t tickle your ear, it’s not finished! 

High Roller – Reddick

Running Time approx 1:40

Matthew takes us on a retrospective mix analysis of this classic Hip Hop inspired rap record. Find out about the decisions he took to get the attitude and dynamics on point in this textured and multi layered track.

Join Matthew in this course as he shifts the energy of your tracks from rough to remarkable. Dive into fat sub bass, crisp beats, and heaps of soulful attitude. Learn the key ingredients for a hit record and how to add texture that fits just right. Discover Matthew’s side chain ducking secrets, master your bass frequencies for aggression, and unleash your playful creativity. It’s time to make imperfect perfection!

Each course is a masterpiece in its own right, but together in this exclusive bundle of all four tracks it is an essential weapon in your sonic armoury.

Unlock the ultimate bundle for crafting rhythmic pop masterpieces! With detailed tutorials, discussions, and techniques using common plugins, Matthew goes beyond a normal course with a masterclass and all session files included. Dive into four awesome tracks to mix, learn, and practice with. Master stunning hip-hop vocals, soulful beats, and electronic pop landscapes. Don’t just watch—immerse yourself in the art of modern music production!



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