Get hardcore with your DAW with the definitive guide to mixing Punk & Alternative Rock music

Never mind the others, here’s Sara Carter…

This course is for anyone who wants to produce Punk, Alternative, Hardcore, Ska, Metal – in fact anything that has some aggression in it and needs some grit AND some polish – this course has you covered!

There is a simple reason why some of the world’s greatest artists like Adele, the Cure, Crowded House, and the Black Keys have had sessions mixed by Sara Carter – she is unquestionably one of the sharpest minds in the recording industry and she is here to share her wisdom and experience with you in this exclusive course.

In 14 information stuffed videos, Sara takes a track from Punk legends “Vice Squad” and shows you step by step how to take a reference mix from the band to the next level – and then some. You will learn how to produce and mix Drums, Bass, Guitars and Vocals like a seasoned professional. She takes you through the techniques, the plugins, the arrangement, the mixing – everything – by the end of this course you will feel supremely confident to mix almost any type of Punk / Indie / Rock music at a professional level!


A complete end-to-end course from a modern mix master

Over the course of 14 videos (Including introduction and bonus material) you will witness Sara Carter take a rough mix from an established and accomplished band and craft it into a dynamic, aggressive, and sonically rich mix with every detail laid bare in granular detail. Oh, and be warned, the song is pretty catchy – you are going to end up with an ear worm…we make no apologies for this…

The 14 videos cover:

  • Introduction and approach to mixing
  • Mixing drums, both live and programmed
  • Fixing common drum track issues and increasing excitement and movement
  • Mixing bass guitars to add warmth and grit
  • Balancing guitar tracks and thickening tone
  • Getting the right balance between drums, bass, and guitars
  • Mix bus compression and reference mixes
  • Lead vocals, dealing with unwanted noise, vocal alignment
  • Backing vocals and parallel compression
  • Reference mixes, checks and balances, automation, and critical listening
  • Printing the mix and final touches
Sara at La Fabrique's Neve
Sara in Abbey Road Door

Learn tricks from one of the industry’s best – Sara Carter has got your back

Part of Sara’s brief for this track was to create something with that “Classic” 70’s and 80’s punk vibe but without losing sight of modern production techniques. This course is all about giving a digital production a certain level of analog granulation without ruining any modern dynamics required by the mix. This course is designed for producers and mixers of all skill levels with an abundance of practical experience broken down into an easily manageable course set over 14 lessons.

Punk has always been about DIY…and amazing production

From the earliest innovators of punk to modern hardcore bands there has been one common thread in the greatest recordings – great production. Sara Carter guides you through the complete production process of a track and in 5 hours takes it from garage demo to release-ready.  From how to layout your session, setting up routing, using bus tracks for consistency, all the way to adding final touches and creating realistic ambience, this course has it all.
Whether you use Pro Tools, Logic, Garageband, Ableton, Cubase, Studio One, or Reaper the techniques demonstrated here will serve you well forever.

Sara Carter
mixing punk music
mixing punk music

This is not a love song...

This course is not just about the technical side of mixing and production - this course is also about how to give your tracks that feeling of energy that those great early punk records captured so well. Sara will take you through all the plugins that she loves and show you how to set them up. Learn about how to add frequency width beyond just panning, how to create a virtual soundstage in your recording environment, how to control transients, how to apply compression (both serial and parallel), how to use additional tracks to create realistic room sounding reverbs, how to control low end and check for phasing issues, and how to do all of this without losing any of the natural articulation of the track. You'll also gain some insider knowledge on how to deal with one of the most common 'human' elements we all face when mixing a track - hearing fatigue. Sara has a number of strategies to mitigate this and she demonstrates how to work with your natural constraints. A strong cup of tea and may be involved.

With the awesome talents of 'Vice Squad' recorded and armed, this forward looking course of 14 lessons pays homage to all the masters of this genre while bringing Sara's own unique voice to the mic...but this is not just about mixing punk music, the lessons here apply to pretty much all live recorded music and Sara's no-nonsense delivery will give you complete control over your mixes.

What do I get?

Have you ever wondered how professional producers get the results that earn the big bucks? How do they make something sound gritty without losing clarity? How do they deal with vocal issues like hard consonants, sibilance, hisses and pops? Well you are about to find out. Grab your notebook and prepare to get busy, because despite her laid back delivery, Sara has a wealth of tips and shortcuts to share with you in this course. You'll uncover EQ secrets that will change all your mixes for the better. You'll learn how to use compression, limiting, reverb, boosts - the whole puzzle of how to craft a winning track is laid out piece by piece in this exclusive course from an absolute master of the craft. You'll also learn about some of the 'cause and effect' issues that blight many modern mixes - and Sara will show you why you need to fix them, and how to do it without tearing all of your hair out.

mixing punk music
mixing punk music
mixing punk music

London Calling

Finishing off a track is something many of us find difficult - lets face it - who hasn't got a hard disk full of unfinished songs? Sara shows us her method for bringing the process to a perfect ending, coaching you on how to us A/B testing to check your mix, how to structure you mixing process more efficiently, how to use special effects and ambience to give that finishing touch, and of course how to make an awesome track sound even better.

This really is one of the most complete courses in production you can cram into 5 hours - and as a bonus the final video shows Sara take the track after her final mix has been handed to the band and incorporates their feedback. Mainly, their feedback was this is awesome. And they were right. 

Mixing Punk from Start to Finish

14 Video Course
Covers complete production for a Vice Squad track
All elements covered - Drums, Bass, Guitars, Vocals
Comprehensive breakdown of all Plugins used
Includes bonus video incorporating Band Feedback


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Endorsed by Legends and Pros Alike

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Issac Slade

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Jack Douglas

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Past President, Audio Engineering Society

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