Join Multi-Platinum Producer Warren Huart in this residential Masterclass and learn how to Record, Mix, and Produce like a Pro!

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Warren Huart is a Los Angeles-based British music producer who has played a fundamental part in the creation of platinum winning and billboard-soaring albums; as well as the development of many of today’s successful artists’ careers. With over two decades of industry expertise in production, engineering, mixing, and songwriting, Warren brings a wealth of experience to bear in every course he teaches, and this Masterclass is no exception. The stage is set for you to join him in Limoux, Southern France, for an exclusive 5-Day Masterclass. Dive headfirst into the hit-making process alongside the talents of the band BLOWSOM and their infectious electro pop track “Rosiana”.

This isn’t your average Masterclass – it’s a front-row seat to the lifecycle of decision making, recording, mixing, and production, courtesy of the legendary Warren Huart. Filmed over several days, Warren spills the secrets on setup, band management, recording techniques, engineering, mixing, and much more. If you have ever wanted to attend a masterclass but not had the this course is for you – be part of the magic as it happens.

As an additional bonus everyone who registers for this course will get access to a special Q & A session with Warren (run in three different time zones to accommodate everyone).



A Marvellous Masterclass in Perfect Production

Warren gives us us a slice of pure musical bliss in this section of his 5 day masterclass, predominantly working on a single song, and there is something in this course for all budding engineers and producers. Join him and a group of students from around the world as they take a number of tracks from BLOWSOM and produce them from a fresh perspective.

Working from the ground up you will witness Warren’s meticulous methodology for capturing crisp, fat drum sounds by drawing inspiration from classic reference tracks and then engineering an earth shaking sound with minimal bleed using isolated takes. The level of perfection on display will give you a valuable musical compass for your entire production career. Warren shows how to take the raw materials from your band and take them way beyond a demo mix.

BLOWSOM create beautiful sonic landscapes and Warren is able to sensitively craft a dynamic and powerful electro pop masterpiece from this fantastic foundation. The best bit? You get to witness it all in action. This extract from the 5 day Masterclass in France is offers a true insight into real world production and recording techniques and is  beyond fascinating for anyone interested in improving their production and mixing skills. These are skills that have taken decades in the industry to hone to perfection – and you can benefit from Warren’s wisdom with this exclusive masterclass course today!

The ultimate “fly-on-the-wall” music production experience

Whether you’ve missed out on our live Masterclasses or have been yearning for an insider’s view on “how the pros do it,” you wont be disappointed. This course will let you witness an artisan at work getting the very best from his talented band with a progressive pace and with an eye for detail – all packaged up with trademark humour and delivery. Warren describes the sound he’s trying to get as “Tame Impala meets 1970’s Disco” and the decisions that shape this sound are fascinating to observe.

You’ll learn about how to master your rhythm section recording, how to layer in other instruments for snap and expansive rich harmonics, how to select the right tools for the job, and how to put it all together to create a sure-fire hit.  

Warren Huart’s Production Masterclass takes you through every step needed to get the best from your mix. Starting off with critical listening sessions and engaging with his students he formulates and executes upon a plan. Warren explains the practical differences of using different microphones for different instruments and offers real world advice on dealing with phase and spatial dynamics. You will get to see every decision in real time and a lot more in this exclusive masterclass – it’s like you are actually in the control room!

  • Record drum tracks with power and crispness but without bleed by using isolated recording techniques.
  • Learn how compression and limiting can be used quickly and effectively to bring out the best in an instrument.
  • Track bass and rhythm guitars to get a soulful and funky sound without compromising sonic depth.

Learn classic tricks and tips from historic recordings as Warren brings his vast experience to and knowledge of music production to the table – this is the expert production course you’ve been looking for.

Learn how to:

  • Track like a pro and get the best out of your musicians, helping them create awesome overdubs and alternate takes.
  • Mix with an ear for tone and harmonic balance without removing any of the dynamic feel of the recording.
  • Create a rich and warm mix at a professional mastering level – and have some fun doing it!

It’s all about the hook

BLOWSOM have recorded a beautiful pop masterpiece with their track Rosiana, and they wanted an intelligent approach to production. We have drums, bass, guitars, piano, synths and vocals to contend with, and the key to balancing all of these is shown in great detail as Warren breaks down his approach to each track. You’ll witness impressive performances in real time and learn techniques that will help you improve any track you work with.

Whichever DAW you choose – be it Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, Reaper, Cubase, Studio One, or even Garageband, you will learn techniques in this masterclass that will take your recording, mixing, and production to the next level! 

You rock!

This course will give you a fantastic insight into every element that makes a hit record. Warren takes you through each step at a fair pace with a lot of information but without overloading you. There are questions (and sometimes answers) from the audience present so this really is as close to being at the Masterclass as is possible. There are also technical tips to make sure you get the best performance from your recording studio and equipment and performance tips for getting the most from your musicians.

Take your mixes to the next level with Warren Huart's Production Masterclass today!

Check out the original demo of Rosiana by BLOWSOM here:

Bonus Song

We kept the cameras rolling so as an extra bonus you will get to see some of the ground work on a second song with an additional section of candid footage as Warren prepares to take his students on another journey into the heart of professional production.

This course is designed for ANYONE who wants to learn to mix and produce professional quality hit records no matter what their current ability! 

Download the Multitrack

We don't want you to just watch this course - we want you to get involved too!

That's why we have included two Multitracks from BLOWSOM as a bonus so you can play around with the tracks and see what you can come up with!

As an additional bonus everyone who registers for this course will get access to a special Q & A session with Warren (run in three different time zones to accommodate everyone).



Warren Huart

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