Join Dr. Richard Niles and Explore the Art of the Singer-Songwriter in this Exclusive session with the Legendary Leo Sayer! 

Leo Sayer is a Grammy and Brit Award winning Singer-Songwriter who needs no introduction – simply put he is one of the Greatest of his Generation!

With a career spanning six decades and seven certified Gold and Platinum recordings in the US and the UK it is fair to say that Leo Sayer knows more than most about the craft of songwriting and performing. Making his name with hits like “You make me feel like dancing” and “When I need you” he was catapulted to the heights of megastardom at an early age and his experiences in the industry are a fantastic resource for all musicians. We are incredibly thrilled to be bringing you this masterclass. Richard Niles and Leo go back a long way, having worked on a number of projects together since the late 1970’s, and their friendship and understanding of each other allowed us to capture a fascinating and candid discussion that covers a wide array of topics.

Leo is a songwriter and a performer with a unique talent and Richard is able to drill deep into his processes and highlight how he has been able to stay relevant, stay authentic, and most importantly, how he keeps making brilliant music. This masterclass is truly unique. Over four separate parts you will get a detailed look at the history of Leo’s musical career, his songwriting processes, his performing techniques, his recording techniques, the lot! His first album “Silverbird” is one of the greatest debut albums from a Singer-Songwriter ever. You don’t need to be a fan of Leo’s music to enjoy this course, but we guarantee you will be afterwards.

Leo Sayer tells Richard Niles bout his influences

A truly artistic artist…who sold many millions of records

Very few of us can expect to reach the levels that Leo Sayer has hit in his career, but we can all learn something from the journey he has taken so far. You’ll get first hand insight into his creative genius and the formation of his talent, from his earliest roots as a choirboy in England to working as a graphic designer producing album covers, and then writing Roger Daltrey’s first solo single. You’ll hear about Leo’s early musical influences, his first performances, and how he created his stage persona.

But what really makes this course extra special is the relationship between the mercurial Dr. Richard Niles and his good friend Leo Sayer. Richard’s understanding of arrangement and musicality is absolutely first class – as you may have already experienced if you have watched his best selling course on arranging. His understanding of what makes an artist special adds a level of detail to this course and anyone who is interested in making music and surviving in the music industry is going to want to watch this course more than once.

Richard reveals how he and Leo started working together and continued through the decades – including a very special televised duet with a certain Miss Piggy! You’ll learn how Leo’s drive for success equipped him to survive and continually thrive in a changing industry. As a performer he will show you how to gain the right level of self belief to take your career to the next level. As an artist he will teach you how to achieve your vision. This really is like having a one-on-one class with Leo Sayer! Richard Niles delivers it in a relaxing yet informative style but manages to cram so much knowledge in – and it can all be yours!

How do you hit the mark?

There is an abundance of useful and practical information in this Masterclass for nearly anybody interested in music, but for Singer-Songwriters this is an absolute must watch course. Leo gives you his tips on achieving vocal greatness, on making a song your own, and on how to prepare for a musical project with an eye for exquisite detail. His ability to use both natural and falsetto ranges with so much tonality and control is well documented in his music but here Richard is able to get him to break down how he got to develop and maximise that talent.

This is as close as you can get to learning directly from two legends of the music industry. This four part course is an unbelievable opportunity to learn from the very best as Richard Niles and Leo Sayer give an in-depth masterclass exclusively for Pro Mix Academy.

Bringing out the beauty and romance in songs

Leo is a prolific songwriter, with hundreds of songs written and unreleased, and he takes us through how he expresses himself through his songwriting. Leo Sayer tells us how his own experiences with dyslexia became his superpower, how he uses different poetic and lyrical devices to create catchy songs, and how he used real life situations to inspire his writing. This course is for anyone that wants to gain a practical and well rounded understanding of how to become a stellar singer-songwriter, and it is also for anybody writing or producing music!

Leo Sayer talking to Richard Niles

Richard breaks down a number of different areas of invaluable knowledge with Leo. There are tips on exercises for singers, preparation for performances, and of course recording and mixing vocals

Learn about Leo Sayers Rules for operating a successful touring career:

  • How to manage relationships, work with creatives, and get the best from your team (and your arranger!)
  • Dealing with stage outfits, performances, and crew
  • How to take care of yourself, your voice, and your wellbeing

Leo believes that music can be influential for the good – and this masterclass will give you a glimpse into his philosophical mindset.

Learn how to:

  • Channel emotions in a performance and overcome natural shyness
  • Address a microphone for maximum impact and clarity
  • Evolve and create ever-changing styles of music whilst staying true to yourself as an artist

Picasso didn’t get someone in to do the blues and the yellows…

Did you know that Leo was an early adopter of Synthesiser technology and a set of the choral synth pads on the Fairlight synthesiser were sampled from Leo’s voice? He has always been at the forefront of recording techniques and technology.

As an artist Leo was a very early advocate of the “DIY” principles of home studio recording – preferring to do everything himself so he had total control of the creative process. He breaks this down in conversation with Richard and also gives us an exclusive tour of his home studio, instruments, and his use of Logic Pro as a DAW.

"A song is like a painting - everyone will have an opinion and look at it in a different way"

Richard takes a retrospective look at a number of key tracks from Leo's career in detail, looking at their formation, their production, and what it meant to Leo as an artist. This is one of the greatest singer-songwriter courses of all time in our opinion and also a true slice of popular musical history. Join Dr. Richard Niles and Leo Sayer on an "Endless Flight" into musicology!

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We hope you will get a huge amount from this class, we thoroughly enjoyed making it and we think it is one that all musicians will appreciate.

Go and find out more about Leo Sayer from his website here and if you have watched Richard's "Arrange Like A Pro" class we highly recommend that too! 


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