What You’ll Learn

Mixing In Real Time – Watch Every Move!

Look over the shoulder of Award-Winning engineer David Gnozzi, as he mixes this song from scratch in real time.

No secrets, no shortcuts: You get to see his exact workflow, understand the reasoning behind his decisions and learn every single technique he uses along the way. This course lets you see right into the mind of an accomplished mixer.

The Best Of Both Worlds: Hybrid Mixing

Over the last few years, there has been vivid discussion about analogue and digital mixing.
The fact that opinions are so divided about this topic simply means there are advantages and drawbacks for either method.

In this course, David shows you how to get the best of both worlds: by using a hybrid mixing setup!

Learn how to use a few select pieces of hardware to add warmth & saturation to your digital mixes and make them feel larger than life!


Create A Wall of Sound: Electric Guitars

Massive guitar riffs are the heart of every Rock track.

However, you can easily run into trouble when layering multiple parts: Have you ever ended up with a washed-out mess, that lacks the definition and energy you’re looking for?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! Today, you can make these issues a thing of the past.

Discover how to process your guitar sounds so that each part blends perfectly, while still having its own space in the mix.

Mix In-Your-Face Rock Vocals

You already know that vocals are the most important part of the mix:
If people fall in love with the vocal, your song will be stuck in their playlists forever!

David shows you the techniques he uses to:

1. Enhance the energy and passion of a vocal performance
2. Keep your vocals present in a dense Rock mix
3. Add dimension and a live feel without sacrificing clarity


Achieve A Powerful Low-End

It’s been said: ‘In mixing, the low-end is what separates the men from the boys.’

We agree! Learn how professional mixers manage their low-end to achieve massive punch, definition and energy.

Craft Massive Drum Sounds

If the Kick and Snare aren’t punching you in the chest, it probably isn’t a Rock record!

Learn how to make live drum recordings sound powerful and 3-dimensional and blend in samples to add punch, energy and a modern feel to your drum sound.


Learn not just the how, but why

Learning new mixing techniques and tricks is great, but the important question is:

How, when, and why should you use them?

David explains the reasoning behind every mixing moves he makes, so you can apply the same principles to your future mixes. – And achieve great results every time!

Impact & Loudness

Masterbus Processing is crucial, especially in Rock. If you get this part wrong, you can easily ruin an amazing mix within 20 minutes.

Learn how to take your mix to a competitive loudness, so it can stand up next to any commercial release. – Without losing the impact and energy you’ve worked so hard for!


Professional Multitracks To Build Your Resumé

If you’re looking to establish yourself as a sought-after mix engineer, it’s essential to build an impressive resumé to show off your skills. – And the first step to a great mix is a great recording!

That’s why we’re including ALL MULTITRACKS of ‘Meet Me At The Whiskey’ by Stonebreed with this course.

Follow along with every step of David’s mixing process, mix this song for yourself and add it your resumé to attract new clients to your studio.


01 Session Overview, Mix Prep & Routing
02 Gain Staging, Adjusting Phase, Balancing The Mix & Basic EQ
03 Mixing Bass & Guitars Pt1
04 Setting Up The Mix Bus, Mixing Strings & Guitars
05 Mixing The Acoustic Drum Tracks
06 Enhancing Drums With Samples
07 Blending Samples Pt2
08 The Art Of Snare Reverb
09 Mixing Lead Vocals (Analogue Compression)
10 Vocal Effects
11 Additional Guitars & Solos
12 Background Vocals & Gang Vocals
13 Finishing The Mix: Automation
14 Band Recall Notes
15 Mastering
16 Thank you


Mixing Modern Rock
with David Gnozzi

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What people are saying about our courses

I swear the most I’ve learned about mixing is from mastering engineers. This is the best video you’ve done in my opinion! Thanks Warren!

Nicolas M.

Vocals being the king of the song, it was always tricky for me to get them right – especially when you have multiple stacks of adlibs. This tutorial really helped me out by seeing the vocal chains step by step and the thought process behind every decison. By following the techniques I’ve learned from this course my vocals are sounding a lot more polished and professional.

Amos Y., Engineer


David Gnozzi

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And in the end, all you really care about is your music, right?

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