As Mixers we constantly strive for the perfect sound: How can we achieve more clarity, more punch, more excitement and emotion in our mixes? We have great taste and we don’t settle for mediocre – That’s what makes our music stand out!

But sometimes it’s not easy to achieve the sound we’re looking for: When comparing our mixes to professional releases, the low-end seems lacking, the drums aren’t punchy enough, or the vocals get lost in the mix. – How do the pros do it?

Hone your skills by learning from a Grammy winning mixing engineer:

In this course, Grammy winner Cameron Webb lets you look over his shoulder, as he re-mixes The Aquabats! most popular single ‘Super Rad!’, which boasts millions of streams on Spotify and Youtube – even 20 years after its release.

Cameron lets you in on his mixing secrets and shows you how achieve clarity, energy and impact in your mix, while preserving the musical vision of the artist. – So they keep coming back to you over and over again.

Gain insights that previously would have only been available with years of audio schooling, interning in studios, scrubbing floors and making coffee. – Handed to you in a detailed 3h course!

The best part? No expensive outboard gear needed!

Cameron mixes 100% in the box, using plugins only. – Which means you can apply these techniques and achieve the same results in YOUR HOME STUDIO!

mix powerful low end

What You’ll Learn

Mix Professional & Smooth Sounding Vocals:

In almost any genre, vocals are the most important part of your mix. Learn how to add energy and excitement to the performance by using Compression, easily identify which frequencies to cut and boost, and learn how to use De-essing to achieve a present vocals that never sound harsh.

Achieve A Powerful Low-End

It’s been said: ‘In mixing, the low-end is what separates the men from the boys.’ Rip off the tricks Cameron uses to manage his low-end – and achieve more punch, definition and energy in your own mixes.

mixing with eq and compression
travic barker aquabats

Punchy & Energetic Drums

Drums can be one of the hardest things to get right in the mix, simply because there are so many options to choose from. Cameron shares this workflow and shows you an easy way to achieve a full and punchy drum sound – without using samples.

Have artists & bands hire you over and over again

If you want to build a lasting career as a mixer, it’s paramount to cherish the musical vision of the producer and artist.
Cameron shows you how to preserve the feeling of the production, while taking the sound to the next level.
So your clients keep hiring  you over and over again.

get hired by artists and bands over and over
understand the why

Learn not just the how, but why

Learning new mixing techniques and tricks is great – and you will learn plenty of them in this course! But the important question is: When and why should you use them?

Cameron doesn’t only show you every single mixing move he makes, but he explains the reasoning behind his decisions, so you can adapt his workflow and make it your own!

Bonus: Surprise visit by Mc Bat Commander

Mc Bat Commander drops by the studios to ‘help’ Cameron with some creative production & mixing ideas. Seriously, you’ve got to watch this. It’s one our of pure entertainment!

mc bat commander

Multitracks to Build Your Resume

Original Multitracks of ‘Super Rad!’ Included

Download and mix the world-class session of ‘Super Rad!’, produced by Jim Goodwin – and work on performances by a-list musicians such as Travis Barker (Blink 182) on Drums. We transferred the Multitracks from the original Master Tape to digital, so you can mix them inside your DAW.

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super rad multitracks

What people are saying about this course

‘This is the funniest and most refreshing mixing course I’ve ever watched! The multitracks are incredibly well recorded and I’m having a blast mixing them. Thank you so much guys!

Samuel E.|Mixer

For a long time I struggled to get everything to and sit well together in a mix, however after watching this tutorial I identified he problem areas in my mixes and I was able to go back and fix them. My confidence has grown leaps and bounds as a mixer.

After only a few months of being a Pro Mix student, my mixes are sounding much better and far more professional. The songs have grown my portfolio and I’m finding more and more work as a mixer.

Jason G. Producer/Engineer/Mixer


Cameron Webb

Endorsed by Legends and Pros Alike

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Issac Slade

Singer/Songwriter The Fray
Jack Douglas

Jack Douglas

Legendary Producer
Joe Perry

Joe Perry

Guitarist – Aerosmith
John Krivit

John Krivit

Past President, Audio Engineering Society

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Frequently Asked Questions

This course can be both streamed and downloaded. You’ll have access to download the files and stream any course for life!

Nope! The concepts and techniques that we teach will apply to any major DAW like Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, Cubase, Reaper, Fruity Loops, Studio One and other similar platforms. All of these DAWs have great stock plugins!

Not exclusively, but you will absolutely see some stock plugins!

Our courses are for everyone passionate about music, from beginners to professionals. Your mentors explain both HOW and WHY they use specific concepts and techniques.

Yup! We include a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee for every single course and bundle we offer! If any of our lessons don’t help you take your tracks to the next level you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked. You can even keep the files!