John McLucas

Louise Lovqvist, KRIMETZ, Nacho Fano

John McLucas is a travelling modern pop producer, flying to artists across the world to create. He’s known for his bombastic approach to drums and vocals in everything he touches.  In his work he focuses on a collaborative and open process, which is well documented across his social Chanels on Youtube & Tiktok. This along with his obsession around detail, impact, and catchy melodic moments built his name and demand to allow him to travel and create Outside of the pop world, he used to tour as a drummer and opened for TOOL, Primus, and Coheed & Cambria. That background absolutely influences his unique lens and approach to pop music. Select Artists: Louise Lovqvist, KRIMETZ, Nacho Fano, Dragged Under, Lia Farrington, Riffshop, Ali, viral Tiktok artists Ben Michaels & Audrey Callahan, Oculus VR, and many many more